Is My Dog Crazy?

Does your dog run around like a lunatic? How about jump all over you or your guests? Are you using earplugs for the barking? Does it feel like your dog is walking you? Perhaps your dog is ... crazy?

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Crazy? No. Unbalanced - Yes.

Dogs don't do any of those annoying things as long as their needs are being met and they feel like someone is in charge. By in charge, I don't mean that you scare your dog, shake their scruff, or alpha roll them to show them who's boss. I'm talking about leadership. Leadership is what I practice and what I teach. Give me a call today at (913) 735-3364.


Leadership is about communicating with your dog exactly what you expect. It's about making them feel safe and secure in new scary environments. It's about providing resources in a fair and healthy way. It's about setting rules, boundaries, and limitations. It's also about having fun and giving affection - just at the right time. Call me at (913) 735-3364. My rates are very fair and I really can help.

Affection at the Wrong Time

Whenever you give affection to a dog you are nurturing the state of mind that they are in at that moment. So, if you give affection to a dog that is scared, nervous, anxious, tense, unsure, aggressive, etc. you are simply encouraging that to continue. Give me a call today at (913) 735-3364. My goal is to work with you until the problem is solved.

I can help you.

I will come to your home and work directly with you, your dog, and family members. We'll go for a walk, face all the problems head on, and when I leave you'll feel.... relief. I want to empower you with the tools and abilities to lead your dog through any situation. Give me a call today at (913) 735-3364 and find out how I can help. Or, you can send me an email. I won't pressure you, or try to force you to stay on the phone. I love what I do and I'm here to help. Give me a call and let's talk about how I can help.

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Riggins isn't crazy. He sure is cute.

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